PoolStat is an all in one solution for running your Associations tournaments and leagues.

There is no shortage of things PoolStat can do. It looks after all of your competition information including historical access.

On top of that, you can manage players and their details, a calendar and a newsfeed/email subscription list function to help you stay in touch with your members.

Scroll down for more details on how PoolStat can benefit your recorder, your association and your players.

  • Once results are published they are always available for viewing by the public, year after year.
  • Players/Teams can enter their own results, leaving you to confirm them.
  • Spend minimal time entering results. We are not aware of any system that is close to being as fast at this task than PoolStat. Enter only scoresheet information and all stats and team tables are built from that information.
  • Full transparency and full details of all scores and stats for all players. Players can see the scoresheets, full details of personal stats etc and can therefore verify all results are correct.
  • Full training and support, on-going from PoolStat.
  • Easy setup of new competitions. Even copy straight from your last one.
  • Supports Straight Knockout, Round Robin, Double Elimination, Two Stage formats for both Singles, Doubles and Teams.
  • No need to recreate players already in PoolStat. Use their existing profile.
  • Easy to use interface, across multiple devices.
  • Your history and your stats available forever, even if an Association is no longer around.
  • Player Stats recorded across all Associations that use PoolStat.
  • Track your history from the first frame you played, across multiple Associations.
  • View Live Scores and results for other Teams and Players in PoolStat
  • Access on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Personalised "My PoolStat" player app coming soon.
  • All competition results published for public view within the PoolStat website (no need for your own website if you don’t want to).
  • Business continuity one year to the next. No obligation on current recorder to train new recorders, that falls to PoolStat.
  • Data Protection. Once results are entered they cannot be removed by your admins.
  • Data backed up 3x per day. Your competition history cannot be lost.
  • Allow multiple users to be administrators of system, sharing the load for maintaining competition results.
  • Being a PoolStat administrator requires very little technical expertise! If you can switch a computer on you can be trained to be an effective PoolStat Administrator.
  • Use Player History feature to correctly grade new players and teams (if they have come from associations using PoolStat).


Trial Sign Up

For all prospective subscribers, we offer a “No Obligation” trial.

The trial gives you the opportunity to fully test PoolStat for suitability to your Organisation and provide your committee and members with real-life experience with the software at no initial cost. From there you will be able to make a much more informed decision on whether to adopt PoolStat or not.

It provides you with the same access and privileges as what a normal subscriber has. You will be treated exactly the same as all our subscribers.

We require you to nominate a “season” of competitions to have full access to the PoolStat site and Support.

By the end of this season, you must decide whether to continue using PoolStat or decline.

If you decline your access to PoolStat will be revoked and you will not be required to make any subscription payments.

If you decide to continue you will be required to pay the appropriate subscription fee for the period used during the trial.




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